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Inhance's surface modification and barrier technology solutions provide innovative benefits for plastics, helping designers and engineers improve performance, manage costs, reduce design complexity and enhance durability of products.

From cosmetics and personal care to household cleaning to food and beverage pckaging — plastic materials touch every aspect of the modern consumer’s life. Inhance Technologies can enable your company to gain a competitive advantage by adding new, enhanced performance and aesthetic features to plastics and composites.

Yes, you can produce more shelf stable household products and stain resistant food storage containers, higher-performance cosmetic applicators and more absorbent diapers. You can create products that offer increased durability, greater wicking and delivery properties, and all-around better performance.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out environmentally friendly products, so you should know that plastics treated with Inhance Technologies retain the same recycling performance as the original material. Altering plastics’ surface properties further promotes sustainability by allowing complex constructions to be simplified; reducing production complications, recyclability and costs; and enabling you to use more environmentally friendly solutions such as water-based inks and adhesives.

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Surface Modification Barrier Technology Performance Additives Services

Leading Solutions


  • Enhanced decorating, durability and shelf life for office, bedroom and garage storage
  • Enhance wettability of dishware and kitchen appliances for better moisture management which promotes faster dry time
  • Increased stain and odor resistance for food storage
  • Prevent content loss, label flagging and odor emissions for household cleaning packaging while maintaining recyclability


  • Lower-cost, higher-performance assemblies of nonwovens for personal care, baby and feminine care
  • Diminished migration of aromatic ingredients enables longer product life for fragrances
  • High-performance plastic applicators and swabs for cosmetics


  • Prevent flavor loss, odor emissions and reduce permeation for food and beverage packaging
  • Enhanced adhesion enabling the usage of water based inks and adhesives
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