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Wall paneling and flagging of the labels, flavor scalping and odor retention on plastic storage containers is a huge liability for your brand. Furthermore, the loss of chemicals through container walls could be a significant environmental hazard. The use of heavy and costly metal containers, while a solution, is largely cost prohibitive and adds unneccessary weight, increasing transportation costs.

Inhance Technologies’ Fluoro-Seal Process(R) modifies the surface of monolayer HDPE containers, providing barrier and chemical resistance against solvents and other chemical ingredients of formulations. This change on the surface of the plastic is permanent and greatly decreases the permeation of solvents and active ingredients into and through the walls of the plastic containers. The unique proprietary process imparts barrier on the inside as well as the outside of the container, providing a double layer of protection against chemical attack and solvent permeation. The Fluoro-Seal Process(R) also allows for lightweighting of HDPE containers, providing excellent barrier performance while meeting relevant EPA and DOT regulations. Treated containers can be closed-loop recycled into bottles again, while reducing the impact on the environment.

The barrier enhancements imparted to monolayer HDPE containers are better than comparable PET containers at a comparable cost. At the same time, fluorinated containers can be produced at a fraction of the cost of multilayer containers, providing the same barrier performance.

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