Rocket fuel and flat screen TVs, high-performance plastics and computer chips, retractable roofs and mouthwash -- all these have one thing in common: they utilize fluorine chemistry.

Inhance is a proven expert in fluorine chemistry – for plastics, materials, and fine synthesis. Our technologies and processes are based on our vast experience in industrial gases, polymer science, and synthetic chemistry. You can depend on Inhance’s expertise to help ensure safety, regulatory compliance, best costs, and greatly increased peace of mind.

We offer a complete portfolio of services, which can be customized to meet your precise requirements.

If you are practicing fluorine chemistries, or plan to do so, call 800-929-1743 or click to discuss your needs with an Inhance expert.


  • Pharmaceutical synthesis
  • Fine chemical production
  • Material transformation, purification, and surface chemistry
  • Specialized cleaning and processing
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