Surface Modification

Don't change your design, transform your materials. Our proprietary technology allows you to tailor the surface energy of plastics to meet your specifications. Make your products more durable, increase their flexibility, change textures, reduce glossiness, increase lubricity, or add new consumer-friendly features … the possibilities are endless.

Our proprietary Reactive Gas Technology™ permanently alters the surface energy of polymeric materials to expand product performance and utility. While treated materials are transformed at the surface, the bulk properties remain the same.

We thrive on complex challenges and will collaborate with you to find a custom solution to virtually any design challenge. Our innovative solutions are targeted at delivering exceptional results for you.

Leverage Inhance’s 30 years of expertise to sharpen your company’s competitive edge. Call 800-929-1743 or click today to find out how you can transform your conventional materials into extraordinary ones.


  • EPDM and other elastomers for increased lubricity
  • HDPE and other polyolefin containers for printing or decoration
  • Adhesion of coatings, inks, and adhesives and hydrographics
  • Applicators and wicks for personal care
  • O-rings, gaskets, seals, applicators, wheels and rollers, packaging, filter media, films and fabrics, non-wovens, pipes, tubes, and body panels
  • Treat three-dimensional complex parts, continuous films, webs or fibers, wide-widths, or the smallest particles
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