At Inhance Technologies, we thrive on collaborating with customers to customize solutions for their success.

It all begins when you contact us to discuss how lnhance Technologies can help to solve a problem, improve a product or bring a new idea to market.

After initial discussions to determine the parameters of the challenge, a project team is formed with your contributors and our staff scientists and engineers at lnhance’s Technical Center in Houston, Texas.

Ideas come to life in our laboratories as Concept trials and samples. Utilizing the latest knowledge and capabilities in surface science, material engineering, analytical analysis and physical testing, the project team works together to define a range of solutions for testing and analysis.

After a solution or set of solutions are validated, Scale-up takes place in our pilot facilities, as well as in actual unit operations. Here, we are able to fine tune the process and engineering controls to assure smooth translation to full Production. Most solutions can move to production in a matter of weeks. This greatly reduces ‘time-to-market’ and allows our customers to respond quickly to new market demands. Our extensive network of locations offers a convenient and effective way to launch and sustain production activities, whether manufacturing ultimately takes place in our or your own facility.

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