From workplace safety to business ethics, from environmental stewardship to our attention to detail, corporate and personal responsibility and accountability is at the core of everything we do in delivering peace of mind to our customers.

Health, Safety, Security & Quality

Health, Safety, Security and Quality

Our focus on health, safety and security not only benefits our employees but also those around us. We are active members of the ACC – The American Chemistry Council. We are striving toward best-in-class performance for the assurance all of our stakeholders.


The Environment

The Environment

Our products and processes strive to foster positive stewardship by:

  • Reducing harmful emissions from packaging and fuel tanks
  • Promoting recycling — even on barrier containers
  • Helping our customers create longer-lasting products lighter-weight parts and assemblies
  • Enabling the use of more environmentally benign ingredients, such as water-based coatings, adhesives, and inks – even on the most challenging materials, like polypropylene or UHMWPE
  • Simplifying constructions or assemblies, for example by making primers or tie-layers obsolete, consolidating material lists, and reducing costs
  • Producing virtually no emissions or waste

Products & Services

Products and Services

We deliver tangible value to our customers by:

  • Developing services that help customers to manage costs, compliance, and design complexity
  • Helping them cut through compliance intricacies
  • Minimizing the need to maintain an inventory of all process materials; make on demand and use as needed
  • Fostering collaboration, to ensure that each customer’s needs are fully met
  • Helping to find solutions to toughest challenges
  • Being ethical in our business dealings
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