Inhance Technologies provides the quickest and the most cost-effective way to meet your customers’ relentless demands for innovation, enhanced performance and lower costs.

Add Consumer-Friendly Features

Plastic containers are lightweight, inexpensive and reusable. But they tend to stain easily and retain odors. Inhance's barrier technology provides superior stain and odor resistance without altering the consumer-friendly properties of the containers.

Your products will perform better and look great over the long haul.

Alter Materials to Achieve Compliance

The materials you're using now are perfect -- but your device doesn't meet a new regulatory requirement. No need to go back to the drawing board. We can help you achieve compliance without having to switch materials and alter manufacturing processes.

Be Environmentally Responsible

Plastics treated with our technologies retain their original recyclability, enabling our customers to add great new features without removing environmental benefits.


Broaden Design Options

You don't want to fix something that isn't broken, but let's face it -- there's almost always a little room for improvement. Whether you need stronger concrete or tougher coatings or want to reduce the weight of components to provide better performance or broaden your design and finishing options -- we can create a solution that meets your specifications. Small changes can result in big success.

Cut Processing Complexity, Boost Profits

Business today is complicated enough without adding unnecessary complications to the mix. If you've been wondering how to cut design complexity, we can help you achieve that goal by altering your materials to meet a broader range of specifications. Bonus: you'll often reduce overall production costs too.

Decrease Friction, Improve Function

Unwanted friction creates unnecessary wear and tear, causing products and processes to bog down or fail completely. Reduce wear resistance and increase performance and durability by treating components with our technologies.

Increase Product Durability

The best product in the world isn't going to make your customers happy if it can't stand up to everyday wear and tear. Inhance's solutions increase resistance to scuffs, scratches, stains, scrapes and other usage scars. Your products will perform better and look great over the long haul.

Modify Surfaces to Enhance Adhesion

Plastic is wonderful stuff, but it doesn't play nicely with many inks and decorative techniques. Or it didn’t until now, that is. Our surface modification technologies enable you to add graphics to plastic products with no need for costly adhesion promoters or priming systems. Also, you can now use water-based inks and coatings!

Provide Better Packaging

Permeable packaging is bad for product quality, bad for the environment, bad for brand reputation, and certainly doesn't support consumer satisfaction. Our barrier technologies add advanced performance to packaging, helping ensure that contents are protected and kept in their place.

Safely Generate Fluorine on Demand

Inhance's proprietary technologies and decades of expertise allow us to generate fluorine safely on demand. We can help you do so safely and securely.

Solve Your Toughest Design Challenges

We love telling our customers "Yes, you can." We collaborate with your team to create a solution that will solve your toughest challenges. Yes, you can!

Your products will perform better and look great over the long haul.

Transform Plastics to Meet Your Design Specifications

No need to compromise in order to meet the demands of your design. Just alter the surface properties of your chosen materials to suit your needs. Inhance can make products compatible with the adhesives of your choice, increase lubrication, reduce stickiness, and enhance or reduce moisture absorption … just tell us what you want those plastics to do, and together we can figure out a way to make it happen.

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